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I Met My Old Lover ...

The Pop-Up Camper

Rechargeable Batteries

Havana Club

After Fidel

King Size Bed

Yellow Lambswool

It's All About X And Y

One Of Two

The Makeout Machine

Out Of Air


Tears Reflected  

That First Summer

By Firelight

Still Fresh

Secrets Revealed

Paddling Upstream


Every Guy At The Party   


Better Than The Park   


Look To The Left

Dancing In The Rain

Feeding The Addiction


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I Met My Old Lover ...   

I Met My Old Lover ebook cover.jpgIt was my first book in print (2006) and it was a sellout.  

Now back in print - 

This book is available formatted for e-readers at The second edition includes a foreword by Nick Scipio. The e-book can also be found at the Apple iBookstore, Sony Reader Bookstore, for the Nook at and for the Kindle at

Want this book in print? It's available in paperback at now.

A business trip that doesn't go as expected reunites a couple and gives them a second chance at the romance they never had the first time.

·  A Silver Clitorides Awards Nominee for April 2004

·  A Golden Clitorides Awards 2004 Nominee/Finalist for Best Romantic Story

MF rom cons cheat oral solo

First published April 2004. Revised February 2006.

This book is no longer available for free. A preview is posted here. It is available for purchase as an e-book or paperback.


The Pop-Up Camper - Nook.jpgThe Pop-Up Camper

A teenager goes camping with his parents and meets a girl who invites him into her camper. You never forget your first time.

mf 1st cons oral solo

First published April 2004. Revised February 2006.

 This book is no longer available for free. A preview is posted here. It is available for purchase as an e-book.


Rechargeable Batteries cover 2A.jpgRechargeable Batteries in Volume 2 Issue 3 of Sticky Buns in 2008

Those damn rechargeable batteries go dead at the worst possible time! Here is the story of one woman's experience with that problem.

·  A Silver Clitorides Awards Finalist for May 2004

F  solo

First published May 2004. Revised November 2005.

This book is no longer available for free. A preview is posted here. It is available for purchase as an e-book.

The Cuba Stories:    

Havana Club 


The first edition sold out, but it’s available again in e-book and paperback.

Christopher gets offered the chance of a lifetime. He thought the risk was his freedom. He didn't know the loss would be his heart. Politics and love make strange bedfellows.

·  Co-Recipient of the Silver Clitorides Award for June 2004

·  Second Place Winner of the Golden Clitorides Awards 2004 for Best Romantic Story

·  A Golden Clitorides Awards 2004 Nominee/Finalist for Best Long Story by a New Author

MF rom cons oral

Chapter 1  Chapter 2 

First published May-June 2004. Revised August 2006.

The Silver Clitorides Award for June 2004The Silver Clitorides Award for June 2004


After Fidel ebook cover.jpgAfter Fidel

Sometimes, a once in a lifetime opportunity comes along more than once. The question is—did she wait for him?

MF rom cons mast oral

Chapter 1  Chapter 2 

First published July - September 2004. Revised January 2006.


This book is no longer available for free. A preview is posted here. It is available for purchase as an e-book.


King Size Bed

King Size Bed - Nook.jpg in 2008 - Sold Out

Available as an e-book and now an Amazon bestseller

Two couples go away for a romantic weekend. When someone doesn't show up, it's time for good friends to share.

MFF rom cons mast oral

Thanks to RachaelY for all the advice on this story.

First published December 2004. Revised October 2006.



Yellow-Lambswool-cover.jpgYellow Lambswool

A Christmas card brings back memories of another time, another place

·  Voted Runner Up Story for January 2005 Literotica Reader's Choice

·  A Golden Clitorides Awards 2005 Finalist for Long Story of the Year

MF rom cons mast oral

First published January 2005. Revised February 2005.

  This book is no longer available for free. A preview is posted here. It is available for purchase as an e-book.


It's All About X And Y - Nook.jpg 

It's All About X And Y

Math class was never this much fun when I was in high school

mf first cons

First published January 2005. Revised October 2006.


  This book is no longer available for free. A preview is posted here. It is available for purchase as an e-book.


One Of Two

One of Two ebook cover.jpg in 2008 - Sold Out

He met the perfect girl. Then he met another perfect girl. He can't date both of them, can he?

Another high school story. Sometimes you have to choose.

mf first cons oral

Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3

First published March 2005. Revised November 2005.

It is with a heavy heart that I report the death of my good friend and fellow author, St. George. I learned of his death only hours after I posted Chapter 1. He has helped me on many of my stories. One of the very last things he did on this Earth was to perform a reality check read on "One Of Two". I dedicate this story to George. He now appears memorialized in a revised Chapter 2.



The Makeout Machine

The Makeout Machine - Nook.jpgA young boy discovers his hero is only human. He comes to realize that ordinary humans can be heroes.

No Sex

This is my attempt at a mainstream story. No sex at all, just a heartwarming story seen through the eyes of a ten year old boy.


Thanks to JRB and Bernardo for their help with the story.

This story is also available as an audiobook read by the author. Download it at the Stories on MP3 project.

First published April 2005.



Out Of Air

Out of Air ebook cover.jpg

Published in 2009 - Sold Out

He wanted to be a scuba diver. Sometimes, fantasy is better than reality.


First published June 2005. Revised October 2006.


This book is no longer available for free. A preview is posted here. It is available for purchase as an e-book.


Tears Reflected - Nook.jpgTears Reflected

She was a very good actress. She was good enough to turn professional.

No Sex

First published July 2005.

That First SummerThat First Summer

A Summer Camp story

“So how did you two really meet? With all we’ve learned about you lately, there has to be more to the story.”


I looked to Gina, who held my eyes. After a moment she gave me an almost imperceptible nod, a smile lighting up her expression.



Once long ago, I swore there were two things I'd never do. One was write a sequel. The success of "After Fidel" showed me I was mistaken about the first part. Now, I'm breaking my other rule and trying my hand at fan fiction. With Nick Scipio's permission (and extensive help), I'm adding a little bit of background to his monumental work.


First published December 2005.


By Firelight ebook cover.jpgBy Firelight

Published in 2009 - Sold Out

A weekend in the mountains, a crackling fire, and good friends. The sound of a zipper changes everything.


MF cons oral voy

First published March 2006. Revised April 2007.


  This book is no longer available for free. A preview is posted here. It is available for purchase as an e-book.


Still FreshStill Fresh

Making love in the early morning

MF cons rom

Nick once told me that the real skill was in writing flash fiction, telling a story in less than 1,000 words. Inspiration struck one morning like an arrow flying silently through a forest. A story that short should be spontaneous. From inspiration to writing to posting was barely hours. I didn't even take the time to run this one past my editorial team. How many mistakes can I make in less than 400 words? None, I hope.

First published April, 2006.



Secrets Revealed

Front Cover.jpgThe first edition was a sellout in adult bookstores throughout North America.

Now back in print - 

This book is available formatted for e-readers at The e-book is also available at the Apple iBookstore, Sony Reader Bookstore, for the Nook at and for the Kindle at

Want this book in print? The full unabridged edition is available in paperback at

Everybody has a secret. How long can you keep yours?

MF cons first slow rom oral

Part I - History

Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4

Part II - Her Story     Part III - The Truth

First published August, 2006. Revised November, 2006.



Paddling Upstream


He had it all – love, fame, and success – and fate took away the most important part.

He ran away to hide and fate found him again.

He learned that you can have it all and lose it.

Fate again has him…

                                 Paddling Upstream



·  Chapter 2 won Second Place in the April 2007 Literotica Reader's Choice Awards

slow rom MF cons oral

Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5

Chapter 6   Chapter 7   Chapter 8   Chapter 9   Chapter 10


First published April - June, 2007.




Visit ebook cover.jpgVisit

Published in Volume 2 Issue 4 of Naughty Words - September 2007.

An enduring love


First published June 2007.







Every Guy At The Party

Published in Volume 2 Issue 3 of Tight Squeeze - September 2007

A drunk coed and a party full of horny guys


My publisher asked me to write a story to fill a niche. They wanted a gangbang story around 1,600 words. Working within those tight constraints, I tried to explore the feelings of someone attending a gangbang. It was a stretch for me, but I did my research and tried to relate it properly.

First published August 2007.




Better Than The Park

Published in  Volume 2 Issue 4 of Teen Auditions - September 2007.

It's the first weekend back in town after the first year away at college. Rain ruins the plans for a Saturday in the park for two friends. Then again, rain doesn't have to ruin anything.


First published August 2007.


Look To The Left

attachment2.jpgNext time you drive down the Interstate, take a look at that row of trees in the median. Look to the left and see that place in a way you never did before.


Chapter 1 

First published September 2007.

Many thanks to Jerry for taking the original photograph that I used here.


This book is no longer available for free. A preview is posted here. It is available for purchase as an e-book.




Dancing In The Rain

Dancing In The Rain - ebook cover.jpgSometimes when you get busy, you don't make time for what is really important.

Sometimes you don't have the courage to own up to your mistakes and fix them.

Sometimes you just have to go home.

Sometimes that's where you find what you've been looking for all along.

Sometimes you have to go dancing in the rain.


MF cons

Chapter 1  

  This book is no longer available for free. A preview is posted here. It is available for purchase as an e-book.




Sharing A Boyfriend - Nook.jpg Sharing A Boyfriend

I have a stepsister who looks enough like me to almost be my twin. When her boyfriend found out about me, he thought that was really exciting. When I walked in on them having sex on day, they talked me into bed with them. Then I found out they planned the whole thing. Things only heated up from there as our threesome relationship developed. I thought it would be fun if we each wrote about what it was like for us. This is our story, as told by each of us. I hope it's as exciting for you to read as it was for us to live it.

Erotic romance - 23,900 words

This book is not available for free. A preview is posted here. It is available for purchase as an e-book.




Can I Bring A Friend - Nook.jpg

Can I Bring A Friend?

Brent's girlfriend caught him off guard when she asked if he ever fantasized about making it with two women at once. She was trying to tell him something. She suggested bringing along her roommate on her next weekend visit. He jumped at the chance to live out every man's fantasy. There was more to the situation than he realized, however. Why did she offer to share her boyfriend with her roommate? What was she really trying to tell him?

Short story - 11,700 words



This book is not available for free. A preview is posted here. It is available for purchase as an e-book.




That's all (for now) as far as fiction. If you're still looking for things I've written, you might want to take a look at this non-fiction piece. My stories have been fiction set in a real place. Here, I did the opposite. I started with fictitious places from the stories of Nick Scipio and found the real places that inspired them. With Nick's help, I visited many of the sites that appear in the Jazz Club Stories and the Summer Camp Stories. I wrote an illustrated travelogue of my journey. This link takes you to the story which appears on his web page. If you haven't read the works of Nick Scipio, you might want to before reading this piece. I highly recommend reading his stories. He is an excellent writer and he inspired me to start writing.

Feeding The AddictionFeeding The Addiction

Step inside Nick's stories

First published July 2004.





I read erotica online for a few years, and then I got a chance to give back by drawing maps and proofreading for Nick Scipio. I'm learning a lot from him while he writes Summer Camp. In late 2003, I gave writing a try. I posted my first story in early 2004 and the response was much greater than I ever expected. The appeal for more from my readers was very encouraging so I kept writing. Let me know what you like and don't like about my work. Feedback keeps me going.

After offering my stories for free online for almost ten years, I now find it necessary to make a change. Over the years, I worked with publishers to make some of my stories available in paperback. More have been made available in e-book format. I also write professionally under a few other names. Some of my more popular stories have been downloaded from the free sites and put on sale by others without my permission. This piracy of my stories is most disconcerting. I frequently find myself having to prove ownership of my own stories and defend my copyright. This takes a lot of time from my writing. To protect the ownership of my stories, I have begun removing some of them from the free sites. A few of my stories are still available for free, while others are available only for purchase. Previews of those stories can be downloaded from here for free and will be labeled as such. The stories that are available for purchase have been enhanced with better cover images, and have been formatted for a variety of e-readers. I have labored over this decision for a long time. I finally came to the conclusion that it is better to spend my time writing than to spend my time tracking down copyright infringement. I originally began writing to give back for all the enjoyment I received reading others' stories. I feel that I have given back far more than I received, having provided enjoyment for free for millions of readers over the years.

I'd like to acknowledge and thank some people who have provided a lot of help to me in bringing these stories to you. First, my proofreader, Terry Steyaert. Terry and I work together proofreading the Summer Camp series for Nick Scipio. Terry also proofreads and edits for many other writers. Over the years, MrSpock, Alexis Siefert, St. George and JRB have each helped out by serving as my editors. I am most grateful for the time all of these people put into turning the stories I write into the finished product you read. They point out the errors I put in. Without these friends, the stories would be messier. Any errors they might miss are, of course, my mistakes. Thanks, my friends.

Thanks Jan de Mas who created a beautiful Spiffybooq™ of The Cuba Stories and made it available for me to share with my readers. I have lost touch with Jan de Mas so the newest corrections haven't been applied to the Spiffybooq and the file is no longer available for download. St. George helped by running down technical details for me during After Fidel, and by doing reality check reads for many of my later stories, right up to the last two days of his life. RachaelY has also been a great help with background information. Thanks to all of you for helping to make my stories as good as they are.

I was greatly honored to be nominated for the Golden Clitorides Awards 2004 New Author of the Year. Thank you for all the nominations my stories have received. I was delighted when Havana Club won second place for Best Romantic Story of 2004. As a new author coming online near the end of the awards cycle that year, I was ecstatic to be nominated in such esteemed company, and winning awards for my work has been wonderful. I am still amazed that King Size Bed has had download counts almost off the chart, now in excess of 2.5 million downloads. By Firelight continues to be my second most downloaded story, currently at over 109,000 downloads. A surprise is Every Guy At The Party. Though many readers felt it wasn't in keeping with my style and one reader even suggested it be considered just a mulligan, the story easily holds on to third place among my most downloaded stories, currently at over 104,000 downloads. Thanks for reading.

My stories in total have now logged many millions of downloads and sold many tens of thousands of copies in print. The popularity of my stories is all due to you, my readers, and I thank you. I've heard from so many of you and tried to reply to each message. Unfortunately, some came in anonymously so I couldn't answer your questions or thank you for the compliments. I began my second year of writing without my good friend, St. George. While his voice is no longer on the telephone, I can still hear his advice in my thoughts. Meanwhile, new friends are stepping forward to help out.

I am always looking to branch out into new things. I tried my hand at writing a few no-sex stories and the reception was magnificent. One of them even placed in the 2005 Golden Clitorides as Short Story of the Year. Wow - a no-sex story winning the Golden Clitorides! With Nick Scipio's permission and help, I wrote a fan fiction piece for Summer Camp. Almost all of my longer stories have been or will soon be released as novels under the pen name J. Strickland. Many of the short stories have appeared in magazines. Look for them at your local adult bookstore. Seeing my stories in print is an amazing experience. From time to time there has been interest expressed in basing movies on some of my stories. So far nothing has come to fruition but someday that may change. I am also very proud of the fact that my writing has inspired some others to try their hand at writing, producing many outstanding pieces for everyone to enjoy. I believe everyone has a story to tell.

As always, thanks for reading. I love to write, but it wouldn't be nearly as much fun without people enjoying reading my stories.